Programs are delivered in safe spaces and are designed to create success through community-based and culturally responsive approaches. They fit within one or more of the following five tenets: Balance, Community, Culture, Mentorship, and Scholarship.

  • Balance helps to create and maintain programs and classes that foster, support, and teach about the well-being and health of all graduate students.
    • Mindful Mondays is offered the first Monday of each month.
    • Workshops, such as those on compassion fatigue, address some of the challenges mentors face.
  • Community helps doctoral students define, identify, create, maintain, and sustain viable communities of scholars and networks that will foster and support their personal and professional growth and, therefore, the successful pursuit and completion of the doctorate and entrance into the professoriate or other professions.
    • Mixers or dinners are offered throughout the year in collaboration with campus partners. Graduate students have an opportunity to network with each other, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members. 
  • Culture provides programs and classes that support and create understanding and appreciation of the diverse graduate student body and their histories.
    • IU faculty from Bloomington and Indianapolis share their research on the contexts that shape and/or inhibit the success of underrepresented minority students in the academy.
  • Mentorship provides informal and formal mentoring for graduate students as well as resources and training for those interested in becoming mentors.
    • Minority faculty and students are paired, trained, and supported during the academic year as part of a formal mentoring program.
    • Workshops offer training in planning the semester, time management, and how to have difficult discussions with advisors and mentors.
  • Scholarship gives graduate students access to resources and information from the community of scholars within their own and other disciplines to broaden and refine their research experiences and to become part of these communities during and after their graduate careers.

Together these five tenets and the programs offered through them form five holistic strands for understanding graduate student experiences and assisting them, postdoctoral fellows, staff, faculty, and alumni to create and sustain viable mentoring relationships and communities during and after Indiana University. Programs that meet one or more of the objectives of the tenets also offer graduate students a path towards deeper self-awareness, decreased stress, long-lasting cultural understanding, increased productivity, and innovative research that can lead to a successfully completed dissertation and fulfilling careers within and outside of the professoriate.