How do I find a mentor?

There are many ways to find a mentor: asking peers, faculty, or staff directly, connecting with someone in your research area at a conference, or even applying for one through a mentor-mentee match service. Whatever your choice, however, it is key that you invest the time to personally contact your potential mentor. 

Research the life and research of the person you wish to contact.

  • Be clear with the person why you wish them to be your mentor.

  • Be prepared to discuss in two-three points how this person's research or experiences could support your graduate journey.

  • Be willing to listen closely to the person's responses.

  • If the person is willing and able to serve as your mentor, make certain to schedule an in-person meeting if your initial meeting was by phone or email.

  • Keep in mind that a mentoring relationship is a relationship and will grow and change over time based on both the growth and interests of the mentor and mentee.

To request a mentor through The GMC, please complete the mentor request form and return to